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Frequently Asked Questions

people_03Thank you for visiting SAME DAY DUMPSTER RENTAL where we provide the right size dumpster, at the right price!  As one of the LARGEST dumpster rental companies in the USA, our customer service representatives are able to explain the appropriate dumpster to fit all your project needs.  We always find the best pricing available for your area and will have the dumpster to your location the same day or within 24 hours!

What Size Dumpsters Do You Rent?

Our company provides dumpsters of ALL SIZES.  The sizes range from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.  Depending on your project, we will guide you to the right size dumpster to ensure it meets all your needs and is readily available for a quick delivery and timely pickup as requested! CLICK HERE to see details and descriptions for dumpster use.


What Can I Put in The Dumpster?

Depending on the materials to be removed, will determine the type of dumpster you need.  State regulations require that different materials be disposed of to different locations so they cannot be intermingled.  There are concrete/brick dumpsters, soil/sand dumpsters, tree and brush dumpsters and general construction/debris dumpsters (most common).  The general dumpster would include such materials but not limited to: roofing projects, house cleanouts, windows, tile, wood, drywall, plastic, and demolition work.  No dumpsters can be used to remove any HAZARDOUS WASTE materials.

How Long Can I Keep it?

You can keep the dumpster as long as you need.  Typically, there is a 7-14 day window that a customer can keep the dumpster.  If it goes beyond that time frame there may be additional charges.